Enhanced Wapp Systems India Pvt. Ltd.

WAPP or Water, Air, Pollution Prevention offers technologies, solutions and services in the field of water, waste, energy, environment and automation for the Urban/Peri-Urban/Rural/Industrial markets.
Promoted by IITians, WAPP has been in existence since 1996 and during this period, we have worked and developed many technologies, offered services to various customers/corporate houses/sectors  across India and has established our own R&D/Automation division.
With 400+ employees, all India foot print, over 500 projects, 100 O&Ms, 30 energy audits, We offer technologies, solutions with minimum life cycle cost in line with ECO-INNO-VISION (Economical, Ecological, Innovative & Visionary).
We have developed and created a range of products and services with the basic philosophy of Save Water, Save Energy - Save Environment.