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Wapp offers a full range of technologies and services in the design and construction, operation and maintenance, upgradation, and management of water treatment and sanitation systems.
Our mission
Why do we exist?

We believe in the power of clean water. Clean water can do everything from cooking nutritious meals to powering factories.

As a pioneer in providing end-to-end, innovative, and cost-effective water management solutions- we offer seamless services ranging from consulting to implementation support and post implementation services- combining profitability with environmental sustainability.

Sustainability is our focus
Enabling commercial & residential systems with clean, safe, reliable, affordable, and innovative water treatment services in a sustainable way.
Powerful technologies for all water treatment needs
With our best-in-class technologies, you get highest quality water filtration, separation, treatment, disinfection, demineralization, and much more.
Water and Wastewater Treatment Consulting and Services that are Changing the Lives of More Than 25 Million People

When you choose Wapp, you choose global provider of fast-to-deploy, decentralized and packaged water, wastewater, and reuse treatment solutions. With a team of 500 highly trained professionals, Wapp provides local, sustainable water management solutions that empower people to make most out of their water resources.

Guided Consulting

Every project is unique, so we understand each customer’s project goals and vision, and then explore most sustainable ways to make their systems perform more efficiently.

Our heavily invested R&D department help us create products that not only meet government and regulatory standards but also increase safety and reduce environmental impact.

Wapp offers complete range of services across water management, from early-stage evaluation, through design and delivery, to ongoing support and optimization of water-related assets.

Measuring Success One Drop at a Time. Reinventing the Ways Water has been Managed.
Chemical free cooling water treatment
Drinking Water Product
Filtration And Separation Products
Laundry Water Treatment Plant
Mechanical Product
Sewage Treatment
Water IoT Product Line
Water Treatment Chemicals
Sustainability is in our DNA
Walmart and Wapp, Progressing into A Better World

As a Total Water Management company, here’s how we helped Walmart, a US based major retail corporation, decrease freshwater buy and created a 150% water positive footprints through our standardized analytical approach.

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Caring about tomorrow
Designing a Sustainable Water Management System for #NamamiGange

Cleaning of Ganga river holds great cultural and ecological significance for our nation. Wapp collaborated with WS Atkins, and through their technical and engineering capabilities, have been a fortunate contributor to this noble cause.

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Coupled with our guided consulting, our extensive portfolio of products guarantees the perfect fit for each project. The products work well for all water management areas, from potable water production to the treatment process, and the pre-treatment of water.

  • Water quality assurance and troubleshooting services
  • STP O&M services
  • TWM operational services
  • Retrofit & upgradation services


For over 22 years, our customers have been trusting our responsive approach to engineering and manufacturing for the Food, Healthcare, Smart Cities and Real Estate industries.

Our end-to-end consulting and smart technology ecosystem ensures sustainable growth, water footprint reduction & overall improvement of water scorecard. Click below for Wapp solutions in your industry.

  • Food chain
  • Hospitals
  • Smart City
  • Commercial and IT Parks
Happy Customers
Million Lives Transformed
Projects Completed
Billion Gallons of water saved

We really value Wapp for their superior technical expertise attained over-the-years. With extremely high value projects, it becomes really important to have a trusted partner with proven implementation track record. The team at Wapp suggested great solutions as per our project requirements, they were honest, and delivered on-time.

Pardeep Sood,Vice President, IUIH

The performance has been good, and we are extremely satisfied with the Wapp’s project ownership. Senior management is proactive in listening to the demand of the customers. For us quality of the product and response time mattered most- and we had that sorted with Wapp. We’d appreciate Wapp for their exemplary design coordination and support in the finalization of items.

Amit Jain,Brookefields

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