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Cooling Tower Manager

WAPP is a full service water co. specializing in wastewater recycling and all water management applications. We offer total water management services at a single point be it O&M/AMCs, technical services, performance monitoring, automation, energy saving, plant retrofits, Quality assurance & troubleshooting services and supply of chemicals and consumables.

Cooling Tower Cooling towers are normally associated with processes, product, energy, critical equipment and its water management involves scale/ corrosion inhibition, microbial growth and suspended solids which get compounded when treated wastewater is used as its make up which is generally the case because of water scarcity and pressure of zero liquid discharge. Treated wastewater quality varies a lot on daily basis in terms of  residual organic, microbial loads besides turbidity, nutrients etc. and requires rigorous monitoring and frequent presence at site


Enhanced WAPP Systems offers COOL-MAX series of Cooling Tower Manager for optimum operation and performance of Cooling Towers.


  • A single solution for both Energy side and Water side Management
  • A very economical solution with guaranteed high returns
  • Works on complete energy and water mass balance to calculate the amount of water and energy required and actually consumed
  • Optimum operation of cooling tower fans based on wet bulb temperature of ambient and optimum approach as calculated
  • Automatic chemical dosing and blow-down control
  • Minimum instrumentation required
  • Corrosion monitoring
  • Optimizer- To optimize the cost of ownership of the cooling tower based on total cost
  • Optimized to perform at high pH/LSI, High COC etc


Common Problems in Cooling Water Systems:


  • Corrosion: Water tends to convert metals to their metal oxides in favourable conditions. Corrosion can happen throughout the system or at some points only causing system failure. Corrosion requires presence of oxygen, which is generally available in cooling water.


  • Scaling: Dissolved impurities in water like Calcium and Magnesium hardness precipitate and deposit depending on their concentrations, water temperature, pH, alkalinity and other water characteristics. In cooling water systems circulating water gets concentrated due to evaporation and hence the mineral concentration increases resulting in precipitation.


  • Microbial growth: Cooling water systems offer a favourable environment for micro-organisms to grow and this causes problems in the system affecting efficiency of the system.


  • Suspended solids : Suspended solids from internal or external sources can cause deposits at heat transfer surfaces causing reduction of efficiency.


Outcome of the above problems if UN-attended:


  • Reduced heat transfer efficiency of the system, resulting in increased power consumption.
  • Increase in maintenance costs.
  • Frequent break-down of equipment resulting in production loss.





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