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Package STP

Package STP

WAPP has developed & launched small capacity skid mounted type package STP based on SBR technology in Basic/Premium range (Requires Minimum manpower.) Ÿ

WAPP offers the next generation Pre-Engineered STP based on the WappSys OXY-BIO process. This easy-to-install STP is a standardized engineering product developed with in-house R&D. It gives clients the flexibility to customize the plant according to their requirements. The Pre-Engineered STP plant is modular and scale-able and ranges in variable sizes depending upon client requirement. Besides, process automation makes it a simple yet intelligent product offering.

Packaged STP

  • These STP’s are suitable for pumped flow and can be installed on ground, terrace etc. It will be a single unit comprising of biological reactor with all accessories and a filter for polishing of treated water.
  • Available in capacities ranging from 2.5 to 50 KLD in single tank & upto 100 KLD in 2 tank configuration. Ÿ
  • System can be with or without tertiary treatment, depending upon treated water utility Ÿ
  • Tanks in MS/FRP/MS FRP/HDPE.
Datasheet of Packeged Product STP
Plant Capacity  Collection Tank  Area Height Connected Load Sludge Generation
(KLD)  (M3)  (M2)   (M)     (kw)   (kg/d)
2.5 0.5 4.5 3.5 4.6 0.5
5 0.7 5.5 3.5 5.3 1
7 0.9 8 3.5 5.3 1.5
10 1.3 10 3.5 5.3 2
15 2 12.5 3.5 6.2 2.5
20 2.5 14 3.5 6.5 3.6
25 3.1 16 3.5 7.2 4.5
35 4.5 25 3.5 9.7 6.3
50 6.5 30 3.5 12.7 9

We have Basic STP and Premium package STP plants:

Parameters Inlet Outlet
Basic Premium
BOD Up to 250   <20 ppm    <20 ppm
TSS Up to 250   <30 ppm    <20 ppm
COD Up to 600   <75 ppm    <20 ppm
pH  7.0-8.0   7.0-8.0    7.0-8.0
  • Basic Package STP:-  Secondary Sewage treatment package w/o tertiary (optional) & mechanical sludge dewatery system.
  • Premium Package STP:- Complete sewage treatment package with tertiary treatment (Ozonation, filtration etc.) high degree of automation & mechanical sludge dewatery system

System Components:-


Inlet zone

Water is filled in the reactor by a specially-designed distribution header for complete mixing of sewage into sludge blanket.

Aeration system

Aeration is provided by submerged diffusers with the help of air blowers.

Decant system

WappSys OXY-BIO incorporates the engineered decanting system. Decanter is designed to achieve the desired efficiency.

A tank will have one or two decanting systems as per the requirement. Baffle plate is attached on both sides of decanter to prevent any scum flow with treated water.

Sludge wasting

Wastage of excess produced sludge is important during normal operation of plant, to maintain desired MLSS level in plant. F/M ratio is also important factor in normal plant operation so sludge wasting is important during regular operation.

Operating cycle

Aeration system is designed on the peak load during dry seasons.

The operational cycle is selected to ensure adequate filling, aeration, settling and decanting to achieve desired quality of treated water.  Aeration time is selected to fulfill the oxygen requirement to survive biological mass as well as oxidation of organic compounds and nitrogen. Generally aeration time is selected as 1.5-2.5 hours as per the BOD load and MLVSS present in the tank.

Settling time is selected for proper settling of biomass to obtain desired depth of clear supernatant, which can be decanted in decant phase. Generally 45 minutes of settling time is required to obtain clear supernatant layer of desired depth.

Decanter is designed for 0.75 hours of decanting time. Decanting can be started in between the settling phase if sludge level is sufficiently below the clear water layer.

Decanted water is filtered through a UV Filter for disinfection


Why Only WAPP for This Particular Product ?

Over the years, WAPP has installed and commissioned plants with various technologies. Whether it is EA or SAFF, MBBR/FAB or CAACO, MBR or SBR, WAPP has developed a vast technological knowledge base. Based on our ground experience, WAPP now believes that the WappSys OXY-BIO technology is the most versatile for Indian conditions. This has been proven on the ground with our most recent installations over the last couple of years.

After due experience of multiple projects across India, in house R&D/manufacturing capabilities for development and production of decanters and PLC with or without motor control centers, Wapp is now offering SBR technology under the brand name of ‘Wappsys Oxybio’ with single or multiple tank configurations as desired.

We are continuously investing in the development of technology and now offering various variants as per the project/site requirements and also closely monitoring our plants through data logging / remote monitoring.

We offer post sales services in terms of remote monitoring/technical services, AMCs, O&M, comprehensive services for the comfort of our customers and have a service network with regional offices across India.

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