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SMART RO Water Purifier Plant System 

Wapp has created niche in the field of offering Smart RO Water Purifier Plant System for Indian & overseas customers. This product is used to remove the harmful chemicals and minerals dissolved in the water thereby restoring the quality of the water.Entire offered range of Smart Ro water purifier plant system is manufactured using finest material & sophisticated technology by specially trained experts in the field & thoroughly tested for various parameters under the supervision of chemical/mechanical & electrical professionals. This state of the art product comply with  national quality standards.

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The Smart RO Water Purifier Plant System  is equipped with many latest filtration systems like Dual media filter, Activated Carbon Filter, Reverse Osmosis, UV unit etc. It is live example of  efficient water purification technology providing different stages of purification including RO, UF, TDS and harmful impurities.

Features of Smart RO Water Purifier Plant System:

  • TDS Sensor with controller for monitoring & controlling TDS present in the water
  • An alarm system is provided to notify when TDS goes below < 30 mg/l.
  • For ensuring disinfection, UV system is installed.
  • Ozonator (optional) can be included for enhancing water quality .
  • Mineral cartridges are provided for maintaining  adequate amount of minerals in product water.
  • Flow meter have been provided at the outlet of permeate water to measure the quantity of water being treated.
  • Automatic backwash facility.
  • Life of cartridge or membrane can be monitored through web monitoring.
  • Web monitoring feature is available which  create alerts for service needs. ‘Auto service call.
  • The proposed Smart RO Water Purifier Plant is  FULLY – AUTOMATIC system.& have several advantages over conventional manual system which is normally operated through control panel.
  • In Smart RO Water Purifier Plant System, control panel  displays Product water quantity before it enters into Product water storage tank.
  • Safety features- Low Suction Pressure, High Level etc.
  • Customized to handle variable TDS levels.

(The process of reverse osmosis(Ro Water Purifier Plant) requires a driving force to push the fluid through the membrane. This is achieved by high pressure pump. The higher the pressure, the larger the driving forces. Thus, High Pressure Pumps shall be installed for pumping the feed water into the RO Water Purifier Plant unit, at  pressure high enough to overcome the osmotic pressure. Reverse osmosis uses a membrane that is semi-permeable, allowing the fluid that is being purified to pass through it, while rejecting the contaminants that are retained by applying pressure on the feed side as a driving force, thereby removing total dissolved solids (TDS). Most reverse osmosis technology uses cross flow to allow the membrane to continually clean itself)


Smart RO Water Purifier Plant  – Range

Just to meet your need for ro water purifier plant:-

                                OPEN RO WATER PURIFIER PLANT SYSTEM           – 100 lph to 10000 lph.

                                ENCLOSED RO WATER PURIFIER PLANT SYSTEM    – 250 lph to 2000 lph


Why Wapp Only for this Product ?

WAPP-Water-Air Pollution Prevention is committed to provide environmental solutions to urban/rural India. Since 1996, WAPP has been providing solutions for water, energy, waste and environment management to numerous hotels, hospitals, housing societies, industries and commercial complexes. Our prime objective is to provide innovative solutions to protect environment and we call it “Eco-Innovision”.

WAPP is specialized in the field of water & waste water treatment & continuously working for the need of Indian customers.Have 20+ years of rich experience in Indian market, have  in house R&D & manufacturing capabilities for development and production of RO Water Purifier Plant Systems.

Wapp  continuously invest  in the development of technology and product innovation is a way here.

Wapp offer post sales services in the form of remote monitoring/technical services, AMCs, O&M,&  comprehensive services for the comfort of  customers. Wapp have Pan India service network supported by  regional offices in all four regions across India.

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