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Water ATM

Water ATM:

The RO Water ATM system comprises State of the art RO technology, panel mounted Water Coin & smart card- Water ATM controller, internally mounted flow Sensor, a 12 VDC solenoid valve, Coin Accept-er and suitable piping with convenient external inlet and outlet connections. The controller features Real Time Clock, Pulse type Flow Sensor interface, control output for Solenoid Valve and interface for coin accept-er.

What makes it ideal is the fact that installation costs is low, minimal use of chemicals, low-maintenance & its  non metallic construction material. The technology is also used right now in removing organic and inorganic contaminants from water.

RO Water ATM

RO Water ATM

Advantages of Using RO Water ATM:

  • Small foot-Print of Water.
  • Continuous supply of water free from microorganisms including (bacteria-salmonella, legeonella, Pseudomonas, E-coli,coli-form,viruses-hepatitis A,B,C, blue and green algae, yeast and fungi.
  • Water ATM – free from hazardous chemicals such as chlorine, arsenic, fluoride etc.
  • Water ATM -completely odorless.
  • Water ATM- non staining
  • Water ATM will be free from hardness &will be completely safe for human consumption
  • Water ATM will be completely safe for medical application

Water ATM Operational Aspects:

The performance of a system depends on factors such as membrane type, flow control, feed water quality, temperature and pressure. A part of water  entering into the unit is usable; this is called the % recovery. This is affected by the factors listed above. Also the  amount of treated water produced can decrease by about 1-2% for every 1 degree Celsius decrease in temperature below the optimum temperature. The key to get maximum out put is GOOD SERVICE .

Why Our Technology is best:

Below are the benefits of using WAPP -RO Water ATM:- good water can make our life healthier & better.

  • Water becomes free from 99.99% of bacteria, virus, cysts etc. & so good for health.
  • Water does not cause abrasion of hair & skin ( which is caused by salty hard water)
  • Children  love taking  bath and brushing their teeth because the taste of water becoms  very good and not salty.
  • Water becomes super –soft, less soap ,detergent & shampoo required (Indirect saving )
  • Plants and lawn grass grow better and look better with pure RO water used for gardening.
  • RO WATER produced by our systems could be applied in various other special applications.

Why Only WAPP for Particular Product:

Unique advantage of WAPP is its 20 years legacy of serving water industry. A rich knowledge base , research & Development division, own manufacturing facility for plants & automation products & systems. Wapp uses best available technology for developing RO Water ATMs

Facts about various waters:–

  • Acceptable (Threshold) limit of TDS for human consumption- 500 mg/l 

TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) is a measure of combined content of all organic and inorganic substance contained in water.Our RO system removes most of these from your water to make it safe and healthy for consumption and other domestic usages.

Water is a natural gift but due to its scarcity , many of us does not have access to safe drinking water. This product from Wapp is creating revolution in providing  safe water at reasonable

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