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Water Services

Water Services:-

Almost all facility managers & engineers face the challenge of continued performance from any new or old water / waste water treatment facility in terms of desired water quality / quantity, Optimum usage of consumables and chemical etc.

In Addition , finding the right & economical solution for varied service needs i.e operation & maintenance, retrofit, plant modification, value added services, recycling again is a challenge.

WAPP has realized this need and restructured our services offerings which may closely fit with customer’s expectations from a water service provider. We have “Total Service Solutions” & could be your single window solutions provider.

WAPP Offering:-


      A –  O&M / AMC / Technical Services                    B –  Retrofit / Revamping

      C – Consumable & Spares                                          D – Value Added Services


A – O&M / AMC / Technical Services  :-

Wapp Water Service

A:- Scheme Selection Matrix

Wapp Water Service


B – Retrofit / Revamping of Water / Waste Water Plants


  •  Revival of old / Non Performing plants by design / Optimization technology up-gradation & execution of recommended modifications
  • Capacity Enhancement, Water Recycling / Reuse.


C – Consumable / Chemicals / Testing Kits / Spares for Water / Waste Water Plants

1) Filter Media                              2) STP, Cooling Tower , Cleaning Chemicals

3) Carbon                                       4) Flow Meter, Level Transmitters

5) Resin                                          6) Pump, Valves, Panels, Pipelines / Fittings, Spares

7) Membrane                                8) Diffusers

9) Bio – Culture                           10) UV / Ozonato

11) Chemicals – Ro, Swimming Pool , WTP

Wapp Services


D – Value Added Services


  • Water Audit (of Facility)
  • Consultancy Services
  • Training to Customer (Modules Available for Mangers / Engineers / Operators)

* Training / Awareness modules could be designed as per specific need.

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