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ZLD/Zero Liquid Discharge

Zero liquid Discharge (ZLD)

 A Zero liquid discharge facility (ZLD), is an industrial plant without discharge of waste waters. Target ZLD is normally reached by

  • Waste water strong recovery
  • Separation by evaporation or boiling of water part of waste water not reusable, in evaporators, crystallizers and condensate recovery. ZLD plants produce solid waste.


ZLD(Zero Liquid Discharge)

ZLD Process :

The ZLD System removes dissolved solids from the wastewater and returns distilled water to the process (source). Reverse osmosis (membrane filtration) may be used to concentrate a portion of the waste stream and return the clean permeate to the process. In this case, a much smaller volume (the reject) will require evaporation, thus enhancing performance and reducing power consumption. In many cases, falling film evaporation is used to further concentrate the brine prior to crystallization.

Falling film evaporation is an energy efficient method of evaporation, typically to concentrate the water up to the initial crystallization point. The resultant brine then enters a forced-circulation crystallizer where the water concentrates beyond the solubility of the contaminants and crystals are formed. The crystal-laden brine is dewatered in a filter press or centrifuge and the filtrate or cent-rate (also called “mother liquor”) is returned to the crystallizer. The collected condensate from the membranes, falling film evaporator and forced-circulation crystallizer is returned to the process eliminating the discharge of liquids. If any organics are present, condensate polishing may be required for final cleanup prior to reuse.


What Wapp Offers  ?

ZLD technology includes pre-treatment and evaporation of the industrial effluent until the dissolved solids precipitate as crystals. These crystals are removed and dewatered. The water vapor from evaporation is condensed and returned to the process. This process may utilize all or part of five stage of engineering modules including pretreatment, membrane filtration, evaporation, crystallization and solids recovery. Each module can be executed in best design possible as per site constraints to expedite the design and implementation of process.


Capacity & Scheme Wapp Offers for ZLD:-

Depending upon client requirement Wapp can offer customized solution with different available plant sizes for zld system & solution . Wapp works with its experienced detailed engineering team to provide best available schemes and provide customized solution to the client.

Why only Wapp For ZLD ?

WAPP-Water, Air Pollution and Prevention is committed to providing environment solutions to urban/rural India. Since 1996, WAPP has been providing solutions for water, energy, waste and environment management to numerous hotels, hospitals, housing societies, industries and commercial complexes. Our prime objective is to provide innovative solutions to protect environment and we call it “Eco-Innovision”.

We are also continuously working on developing new user-friendly technologies in collaboration with various reputed Indian Institutions such as IIT’s,  CSIR, TERI and other Institutions/Foreign Companies.





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