Modern technologies blended with traditional science to offer the most natural, safe and healthy drinking water.

Why use Wapp’s Drinking Water Packages?

Our end-to-end drinking water solution comes with following benefits:

  • Treatment, disinfection, bottling and water dispensers/real-time visibility of water quality.
  • Eliminates the use of plastic bottles and associated logistic needs and manpower cost.
  • Solution for hotels, hospitals, schools, institutes, residential, commercial, IT parks.
  • The packaged plant can handle normal variations and gives a consistent supply of safe and healthy water.
  • Harvested rainwater and AC condensate water as feed.
  • Proven track record of reliability, the uniqueness of Wapp’s solutions/PAN India service network.
  • Compliant with regulations.

Here's More About the Best-in-Class Technologies We Use:


Reverse Osmosis (RO), Nano Filtration, Ultra Filtration


Ultraviolet Light

Monitoring /Quality Assurance

Internet of Things (IoT)


Model Configuration Capacities Installation Time
Smart RO DMF+ ACF+ RO+UV+ Instruments Liters/Hour: -100,250,500,1000,2000 15 Day
Best Suited For:
Medium/Budget Hotels, Luxury Hotels (MF), Schools, IT Parks, Mall
Smart RO with TDS Controlling DMF+ ACF+ RO+UF+UV+ Instruments Liters/Hour: -100,250,500,1000,2000
Multifiltration MCF+ CCF+ UF+ NF+ RO+ UV+ Instruments Liters/Hour: -100,250
Bottling Plant Rinser+ Filler+ capping (3 Options) (Manual/Semi -Automatic/Automatic) Bottles Per Minute BPM-24,30,40

Why partner with Wapp?

  • Experienced water partner for lifecycle support
  • PAN India service network
  • One stop solution for your water/wastewater challenges
  • Unmatched technical support by our Wapp’s dedicated design and engineering team

Who We Are?


Two decades/Incubated with the help of IIT-Delhi in 1996.

Sectors Served

Hospitality, Urban, Chosen Industrial & Municipal


Total Water Management and Sustainability


Total Water Management, International Technology Tie ups, IoT


Water Security/Sustainability, Water Footprint Reduction, Improvement in Sustainability Score Card

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