Environmental Consultancy

Water Innovision Group is formed after applying deep learning and experiences of water domain during the past 23 years to create efficient and sustainable water infrastructure in India.

We are a team of water enthusiasts with relevant qualification and experience of environmental, chemical, civil, process engineering and operations. Our in-house team is a responsible and dedicated bunch of people who provide integrated and cost-effective service in their area of expertise.

Thought Behind Water Consultancy:

In this era of water scarcity, where each drop of water is precious, keeping pace with growth and making businesses sustainable is a challenge for all business sectors. There is a dire need of either re-engineering(built water infrastructure) or design for sustainability (for the green/brownfield).

Water stress, climate change, and water pollution are creating challenges for businesses, societies, and government in terms of scarcity of usable water.
Wapp offers technical consultancy for water infrastructures – BUILT as well as NEW(green/brownfield projects), including large-scale infrastructure, commercial buildings, hospitality, smart cities, industrial and agriculture sectors for creating sustainability.

Consultancy as a Tool for Optimization

concept – design stage – execution stage – operation

Resource management strategy

Water network optimization

Real time data analytics for a flexible and adaptable system

Obtain green rating

Efficient solid and liquid waste management

Vigilance for optimal performance and safety

Data driven policies for efficient use and revenue generation

Services Offered

Total Water Management Schemes
Schemes such as the compilation of the qualitative and quantitative analysis of each component in the water network help in gaining a holistic view of the water network, plan, and optimize water budget and foresee further improvements.
Water Audits and Adequacy Reports
A water audit document details the quantitative balance of water in the network and suggests improvements in terms of process design or equipment to optimize the efficiency of the network. Adequacy reports contain a detailed analysis of the current sewage/water/effluent treatment against the optimum theoretical design and suggest changes to drive the system towards an ideal state.
Smart City Consulting
Smart water management is a critical part towards making a city smart. We offer consultancy for integrating water-wise processes, equipment, and monitoring systems to ensure that all the water in the networks is quantized and utilized to full potential. This includes management of non-revenue water, adoption of green and efficient technologies to treat water, plans to upgrade existing water-related infrastructure, preservation of water bodies, schemes to ensure water security for low-income households, and demand-supply mapping.
Water Resource Management
WRM reports focus on identifying the major anthropological impacts on water resources and provide recommendations for meeting the demand-supply gap in a sustainable fashion. Ascertaining the water resource potential and degree of exploitation, mapping resources to enable their sustainable development, and options for best practices for pollution prevention are some of the focus areas in a WRM plan. They also evaluate the potential for the creation of new water bodies and recommendations for restoration/rejuvenation of existing water bodies.
Rainwater Harvesting Schemes
Rainwater harvesting has the potential to augment water supply in water scarce areas, reduce costs for water-intensive facilities and relieve excessive water logging in areas with high rainfall. A rainwater harvesting scheme informs the owner of the potential for meeting their water requirements through harvested rainwater, the detailed design and economic benefits of the RWH system, its cost, O&M considerations, and the possible application of harvested water.
Sustainability Audit
To be truly sustainable, a facility must be efficient in terms of energy, water, and operational priorities. Sustainability audits generate reports that inform the clients regarding the adequacy of water infrastructure and demand-side management – to reduce water consumption, water wastage, solid waste management, infrastructure, health, and safety aspects – and provide recommendations for improving their environmental performance and optimize cost.


Mr. Rajesh Jain is founder and Managing Director of Wapp since its inception. He is a visionary leader with a deep passion for clean technologies. His vision was to act as a bridge between industry and institutions and help in the sustainable development of society by grooming and promoting indigenous technologies and strategic tie-ups with innovative technology partners from across the globe. He has promoted three companies in a span of 22 years, all focused on Green Infrastructure Development and adapting to market needs.

Mr. Jain has been associated with many distinguished institutions and awarded as the most impactful leader(2018) by National CSR Leadership Congress. He holds B.Tech degree in Chemical Engineering from IIT-Delhi and also energy auditor from Bureau of Energy Efficiency.

Who We Are?


Two decades/Incubated with the help of IIT-Delhi in 1996.

Sectors Served

Hospitality, Urban, Chosen Industrial and Municipal


Total Water Management and Sustainability


Total Water Management, International Technology Tie ups, IoT


Water Security/Sustainability, Water Footprint Reduction, Improvement in Sustainability Score Card

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