Housing / Township

Water is a precious and a dwindling resource all over the world, even in a housing society. Increasing human population is piling a huge demand on the overall water resources, and reservoirs are drying up, and water tables are correspondingly going down. Housing societies everywhere are looking for ways to conserve water usage and replenish water reserves.


To achieve zero liquid discharge.
Minimum fresh water requirement.
Minimum apparent losses.
Demand side management.
To provide centralized drinking water to reduce cost.

To provide separate STP for grey and black water for maximum reuse of water.

Services Offered in Housing/Township

Engineering, Procurement and Construction
  • Sewage treatment plant
  • Water treatment plant
  • Separate grey water treatment plant
Operation and Maintenance Services
  • Non-comprehensive operation and maintenance of
  • Comprehensive operation and maintenance of
  • Total water management – operation
  • Adequacy/safety audit
  • Water audit
  • Rain water harvesting
  • Water sustainability audit
  • Water design report for efficiency (TWM – design)
Innovative Products by Wapp
  • Chemical/chemical free cooling tower management
  • A complete drinking water solution
  • Mechanical products for STP/ETP/WTP
  • Water treatment chemicals (herbal/non-herbal)

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