Laundry Water Recycling Plant

The traditional solutions only helps in pretreatment and mixing of pre-treated laundary effluent with sewage for further treatment in sewage treatment plants. But this treated ( STP treated) water is not recycled back to launderies due to many apprehension.
Our Proposed solution can recover and recycle 80-90% of water back to laundary. So help hotels/ hospitals achive zero discharge thus significantly redusing fresh water demand

Why use Wapp’s Laundry Water Recycling plant-Benefits

Laundry consumes a lot of water ranging 25- 100KLD. Conventional ETPs normally discharge effluent to STP which increased load on STP and disturbs biological process, also due to quality/apprehension issues this doubly treated water is not used back to laundry. Wapp’s solution eliminates this hassle & can save a lot of water. Benefits are-

  • Eco-friendly chemicals-Harmless, reduce high COD, No increase in TDS
  • High pollution removal efficiency/High-quality water
  • Attractive ROI (1-1.5 Years depending upon use)
  • Treated water can be directly reused/Reduces load on Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Guaranteed less /nontoxic sludge
  • High resistance membranes with long life/low clogging.


  • Laundry effluent has Low biodegradability due to synthetic detergents, so treatment strategy formation needs a survey of water characteristics
  • Chemical Technology used for basic treatment
  • Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration & Reverse Osmosis technologies -variably used for different applications/high-end usages.
  • Membrane filtration with high resistance PVDF membranes

Models /Other Details

Configuration: Based on survey, need, reuse application
Models: 25 KLD, 50 KLD, 100 KLD (Manual/Automatic)
Manpower Required: 1 skilled operator
Delivery/Commissioning: 80-90 days from Order to commissioning
Elect. Power Requirement: on demand (for Pumps/air compressor, agitator, dosing pumps)
Best Suited for: Kitchens of Medium budget hotels, food industry, Banquet halls, food chains

Why partner with Wapp?

  • Experienced water partner for Lifecycle support
  • PAN India Service network
  • One stop solution for your water/wastewater challenges
  • Unmatched technical support by our Wapp’s dedicated design & Engineering team

Who We Are?


Two Decades Years /Incubated with the help of IIT-Delhi in 1996.

Sectors Served

Hospitality, Urban, Chosen Industrial & Municipal


Total Water management and sustainability


Total Water Management, International Technology Tie ups, IoT


Water Security/ sustainability, Water footprint reduction, Improvement in Sustainability Score card

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