Laundry Water Recycling Plant

The traditional solutions only help in pre-treatment and mixing of pre-treated laundry effluent with sewage for further treatment in sewage treatment plants. But this treated(STP treated) water is not recycled back to laundries due to many apprehension.
Our proposed solution can recover and recycle 80-90% of water back to laundry. So, help hotels/ hospitals achieve zero discharge thus significantly reducing fresh water demand

Why use Wapp’s Laundry Water Recycling Plant-Benefits?

Laundry consumes a lot of water ranging 25-100KLD. Conventional ETPs normally discharge effluent to STP which increased load on STP and disturbs biological process, also due to quality/apprehension issues this doubly treated water is not used back to laundry. Wapp’s solution eliminates this hassle and can save a lot of water. Benefits are-

  • Eco-friendly chemicals-harmless, reduce high COD, no increase in TDS.
  • High pollution removal efficiency/High-quality water.
  • Attractive ROI (1-1.5 Years depending upon use).
  • Treated water can be directly reused/Reduces load on sewage treatment plant.
  • Guaranteed less/nontoxic sludge.
  • High resistance membranes with long life/low clogging.


  • Laundry effluent has low biodegradability due to synthetic detergents, so treatment strategy formation needs a survey of water characteristics.
  • Chemical technology used for basic treatment.
  • Microfiltration, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis technologies-variably used for different applications/high-end usages.
  • Membrane filtration with high resistance PVDF membranes.

Models/Other Details

Configuration: Based on survey, need, reuse application
Models: 25 KLD, 50 KLD, 100 KLD (Manual/Automatic)
Manpower Required: 1 skilled operator
Delivery/Commissioning: 80-90 days from order to commissioning
Elect. Power Requirement: on demand (for pumps/air compressor, agitator, dosing pumps)
Best Suited for: Kitchens of medium budget hotels, food industry, banquet halls, food chains

Why partner with Wapp?

  • Experienced water partner for lifecycle support
  • PAN India service network
  • One stop solution for your water/wastewater challenges
  • Unmatched technical support by our Wapp’s dedicated design and engineering team

Who We Are?


Two decades/Incubated with the help of IIT-Delhi in 1996.

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Hospitality, Urban, Chosen Industrial and Municipal


Total Water Management and Sustainability


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Water Security/Sustainability, Water Footprint Reduction, Improvement in Sustainability Score Card

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