Managing Water visibly with IoT @ Human Care Hospital ND

HCMCT, a high-end healthcare facility in Delhi is equipped with latest water treatment & waste water treatment facility. With an intent to make water management data driven, Wapp initiated use of IoT technology for real time monitoring for Water accounting, Quality assurance, knowing various trends etc. Driving force was value creation in terms of economy & sustainability

Wapp’s Solution: The Water Manager-4.0

To assist HCMCT in rigorously monitoring the water balance in their treatment system through a network of monitoring and data transmission devices controlled by and feeding to a central server. The site was a treatment plant with Reverse Osmosis technology and all associated treatment units.

An IoT based (web hosted) tool that may be used to record and monitor Daily purchase/Daily consumption by various users/Water treated through STP, Water reused for various applications etc. in addition to essential water quality parameters. This information is visualized in the form of dashboards and other interactive formats which can be viewed via any device with wireless connectivity.

Initially faced lot of challenges due to poor connectivity, sensor failure & other teething issues but consistent efforts by Wapp team has made it a reality.

Facility is provided with ten level transmitters for level control, twenty-two flow meters, quality instruments, data loggers at site with connectivity to cloud giving real time monitoring through Dashboard. (Water Accounting, Water Quality Monitoring, Alerts, Trends etc.)

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