Smart City And Large Infra Consultancy

Planning of city-wide infrastructure for public and private sectors to encourage smart water practices. The DPRs attempt to inform the technological, social, and policy level changes required for sustainable development of smart cities and large infrastructure projects.


Provides a blueprint for efficient and sustainable development of large projects.

Informs project proponents about prevalent regulations and compliance related obligations.

Help proponents realize environmental priorities and prepare a development plan to address the most vulnerable aspects first while tackling the harmful environmental effects of infra development at each step.

Integration of water IoT equipment network enables dynamic monitoring and data logging, data-driven policies, and modeling based on data analytics.

Wapp's Solutions

Best Suited For

New or existing smart city projects
Public or private bodies that focus on city-wide/state-wide development schemes
New or existing large infra projects like townships, large educational campuses, and other schemes with clusters of residential and/or commercial micro-communities

Services Offered

Demand - Supply Mapping
  • Cartographic representation of data using GIS
  • Maps showing population distribution, water demand, and water supply
  • Identification of areas where demand exceeds supply
  • Recommendations for the most sustainable water supply scheme for meeting the demand-supply gap
  • Recommendations for water IoT network to monitor water supply quantities
Sustainable Resource Management
  • Mapping of available water resources using GIS
  • Estimation of yearly yield from these water sources
  • Identification of resource depletion and replenishment mechanisms
  • Estimation of a degree of pollution in the water bodies
  • Mapping of pollution pathways and estimation of pollution load
  • Action plan for pollution prevention and sustainable use
Bulk Water Management
  • Mapping of water demand distribution
  • Evaluation of current water treatment and storage infrastructure
  • Recommendations for best water treatment and supply schemes
  • Recommendations for maintenance of water storage structures
Water Network Management
  • Mapping of bulk water and sewerage networks
  • Evaluation of network losses and inefficiencies
  • Recommendations for MOC, network monitoring using IoT, I&D arrangements and NRW management
Sewage Management
  • Mapping of sewage generation in the project area
  • Evaluation of sewage treatment infrastructure
  • Recommendations for best practices for sewage and bio-solids treatment
Solid Waste Management
  • Mapping of solid waste generation and collection points
  • Evaluation of solid waste handling and treatment facilities
  • Recommendations for collection, transport, storage and treatment of solid waste
Action Plan for Sustainable Implementation
  • Design aspects
  • Technical specifications and engineering design
  • Environmentally friendly processes and strategies for execution
  • Constitution of a community-based system to promote shared ownership and community participation
Financial Considerations
  • Capital costs
  • Operation and maintenance costs
  • Data-driven pricing and revenue generation systems supported by water IoT networks

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