Water IoT for Total Water Management

IoT enables users to do complete water management by real-time monitoring of parameters, data-based decision-making(through data analytics), trend analysis, etc. which helps in optimizing water use, manpower reduction, cost control, maximize reuse.

Why Switch to Data Driven ‘Wapp IoT’ ?

Water management is becoming critical day by day, and its management needs the strength of DATA for decision making, optimization of resources, cost control, budgeting and overall making the facility sustainable and safe.

  • Sewage treatment plants.
  • Cooling tower management.
  • Rain water harvesting and ground water level monitory.
  • Water resource management.
  • Leak detection, meeting and billing.


  • Manpower reduction, real-time visibility of process, ease of managing
  • Water manager -4.0 provides real-time water accounting, availability, quality, trends on water purchase/reuse/cost, etc.
    • Water accounting
    • Water availability
    • Water quality
    • Water trends-reuse/cost
  • Cooling tower manager – controls the entire process of CT water management, i.e., makeup, data-based blowdown, fan control, dosing control, etc.

Technology - How IoT Helps in Managing Water?

Service Layer

  • Service to customers through alerts/massaging, etc.
  • Reporting on day-to-day/weekly/monthly basis
  • 24×7 monitoring(remotely) with technical support
  • Manpower optimization/reduction
 Cloud layer

  • All computing needs through personalized cloud space
  • Specially designed software for water management/data
Network Layer

  • Local network for connectivity of sensors/data
  • Internet through mobile services (for connectivity to the cloud)
    (GPRS/through 4G mobile service providers, etc.)
Sensor Layer

  • Sensors in the field for water accounting/water quality/water inventory/wastewater parameters/CT
    parameters/dosing frequency – automation and many more….


Automation Package

Automation is offered for water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, water distribution including HPN system, metering, etc.

 Water Manager

Can be installed with minimum sensors initially and could be enhanced depending upon detailing required

  • Basic – daily water purchase, water recycled, STP-In/Out+ tank levels+ basic quality parameters.
  • Advanced – daily water purchase, water recycled, STP-In/Out+ tank levels+ desired quality parameters+ STP quality BOD/COD/TSS/O&G/pH etc., + water qty. to each section
Cooling Tower Manager

Six models depending upon the automation detailing:

  • Auto blowdown control
  • Make up water measuring
  • Fan control for energy saving
  • COC measuring
  • Heat load monitoring
  • Chilled water temp adjustment based on ambient conditions

Why Partner with Wapp?

  • Experienced water partner for lifecycle support
  • PAN India service network
  • One stop solution for your water/wastewater challenges
  • Unmatched technical support by our Wapp’s dedicated design and engineering team

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